Saidat is a children’s entertainer, speaker, author, singer. From a great idea of wanting to make people smile and build confidence in the younger generation. Saidat’s programs have reached over 500,000 students across Canada. Saidat’s message reaches a worldwide audience with over 3 million views on YouTube and over 100,000 followers on social media. She leads a very strong message, from the heart, that one person can make a difference, together we can change the world!


The Saidat Show is the first youth talk show focused on empowering the new generation through educational and engaging content. The 30 minute weekly show is hosted by Canada’s leading youth entertainer Saidat. Each episode features inspiring interviews, fun games, and highlights from Saidat’s school performances across the nation. The Saidat Show premiered across Canada on September 8th, 2015 through Rogers Television.



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Saidat brings high energy presentations and hip hop workshops to schools all across Canada. Her full day programs boost children’s confidence, self-esteem and teach them how to survive life in the every day world, and boost their mental health and physical health.

“One person can make…World!’’

One Person Can Make a Difference: Together We Can Change The World!



JK-Gr 3 Assembly
Gr 4-8 Assembly
JK-Gr 3 Hip Hop Workshop
Gr 4-6 Hip Hop Workshop
Gr 7-8 Hip Hop Workshop
GR 9-12
Gr 9-10 Assembly
Gr 11-12 Assembly
+ Hip Hop Workshops


I Like Me Street (Grades JK- Grade 3)

Imagine a place where students feel good about their individuality and in turn help others to feel good. There is such a place and it’s called. “I Like Me Street”.This high energy presentation designed for Grades JK- Grade 3 uses music, dance and drama to teach students the importance of kindness towards oneself and others. Saidat will also help students understand what it means to Care, Share and Give. An exciting show that will complement the lessons teachers are sharing with their students on Mental Health and having a growth mindset.

How to Survive School (Grade 4-8, and 9-12)

We have all heard the phrase, “It’s a jungle out there”, and for some students, school seems to fit that description. With the thirteen plus years it will take a child to receive a good education, it is crucial they know how to get through the difficult and challenging times of school life. In this upbeat, highly interactive show, students will be given tools to help them address the challenges that young people face every day. Students will be inspired to use these tools as a means to overcome the hardships of school life, including friendships, while trying to get an education. Life is all about learning. Learning how to survive and thrive in school is a foundation for surviving and thriving throughout life. The words Care, Share and Give are used throughout the presentation to promote mental health awareness and the development of a growth mindset.



Do You Offer Parent Nights?

Yes, parent and family nights are available for schools.

PARENT NIGHT – Have you ever wondered what school is really like for your child? Saidat will encourage and teach parents how to help their child feel better about school and what to do when problems arise that pertain to bullying and other social issues.

FAMILY NIGHT- How about a night singing, dancing, and fun with a message! This hour is a celebration of parents, students, and teachers working together to make school and learning fun.

Are There Follow Up Resources For Classes?

Yes, we have a curriculum called The Life Box that is available for purchase, which consists of DVDs and written material to use in the classroom or an assembly type setting.

Are The Hip-Hop Classes For Every Student?

Yes, the hip-hop classes are designed for the entire school. A large number of students will be involved at a time so all students can benefit from the program.


Please call for booking.

What is Music Movement and Motivation

Music, Movement and Motivation is a program that was created to eliminate bullying and help empower students, teaching them about their inner strength and how they can withstand any problems that come their way. It inspires students to be the ONE person that can affect change in their home, school and world around them through original songs, fun dance moves and high energy interaction with the audience; high energy presentations with student interaction are what the show is all about! This program teaches students how to build self-esteem while dealing with the issues of bullying, helping to enhance the message that teachers are giving to their students everyday: that they are part of the solution. Through music, drama, dance and speaking, the Music, Movement and Motivation program brings a message young people in a positive and uplifting atmosphere, while encouraging students to put aside their differences and unite against the social issues that face them every day.

What Does A School Presentation Consist Of?

Music, Movement and Motivation presentations consist of one hour assemblies offered to three different age groups; Kindergarten-Grade 3, Grade 4-8, Grade 9-12. Each program is designed to address issues appropriate for the age of the audience. Schools have an option of:

– a single presentation aimed at one of the available age groups of their choice>
– a half day presentation which includes two assemblies of two of the available age groups of their choice
– a full day presentation which includes assemblies for the whole school and hip-hop workshops
– a half or full day presentation and workshops designed just for girls

For pricing and booking inquiries please contact:
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Director of Development & Special Projects
Saidat Entertainment Inc.
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